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Chuàngkàn Bālí, is Paris Innovation Review’s China Edition, published in both Chinese and English.

Chuàng stands for innovation and reform. Chuàngkàn Bālí is a place where experts in science, humanities and art meet; where established wisdom is challenged, and where new ideas are born and enriched one another.

Kàn stands for perspective and comprehensiveness. Paris Innovation Review China Edition strives to give a voice to leaders in all sectors. It is a place where nothing is a given, and the diversity of opinions is welcome.

Since the debut of Chuàngkàn Bālí, the ideas of reform, innovation and globalization have been at the heart of its editorial identity. As the academic herald of Paris, we report to the world the most exciting advances in France, the United States, China, India and other technologically advanced countries, in fields such as science, engineering, physics and chemistry, economy, management, humanities and art. We work with high profile academic institutions and their best talents to envision potential breakthroughs, to embrace the ever-changing world, and to jointly tackle global issues.

Let’s reassess today’s world under new light;
Let’s feel the pulse of the present and future together!

Paris Innovation Review receives financial support from Paris Sciences et Lettres University and is also funded by patrons. Its editorial board assures the quality and independence of the articles published.


The Team

Hervé Machenaud  Chairman

Caroline Liang  Executive Director

Editorial Board (In alphabetical order by family name)

Stéphanie Balme  Professor at Sciences Po, Attaché for University and Scientific (Social Sciences) Cooperation

Guillaume Bernard  Chief Operating Officer at Bernard Controls

Charles Bark  CEO HiNounou Intelligent Robot

Cédric DENIS-REMIS  VP Mines ParisTech, Former French Dean (French) of SPEIT

Sylvain Ferrari  Director of Paris Tech in China

Guan Hao  Managing Director of VSL China

Laurent Guyot  VP North Asia & CEO Thales China

Lin Cheng  Group Senior Adviser of Strategy & Planning, ZTE Group

Laurent Malet  CEO of Egis China

Ni Jingang   Professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Chairman of Sino-Engine Technologies (SET)

Dominique Ocher  Nuclear Counsellor at the French Embassy in Beijing

Edmond Tao  Founder of Eagle Media Ltd

Wayne Wang  Chairman and CEO of CDP Group

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