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Paris Sciences et Lettres University (PSL) was founded on a two-fold conviction: first, that innovation and creativity are the only solutions to today’s global challenges and second, that major academic centers across the globe will be instrumental in developing these solutions.Paris Sciences et Lettres University brings together some of France’s most prestigious and internationally respected academic and research institutions in a broad range of disciplines from engineering, chemistry and oncology to economics, management, the humanities and the performing arts. Some of its member institutions, founded during the Enlightenment, are steeped in history (the Collège de France, L’Observatoire de Paris, the Beaux-Arts), while others are more recent. All of them share a resolutely contemporary and forward-looking worldview and are committed to the pursuit of excellence.

 Establish and maintain PSL as one of the world’s top research universities.
Imagine, develop and implement new approaches to inventing, new academic models for educating and new pathways for disseminating knowledge.

Research Research is at the very heart of PSL’s vision. 3,500 researchers and 178 cutting-edge research centers and laboratories are engaged daily in pioneering audacious responses and innovative solutions to the complex challenges of today’s world. PSL’s academic programs build on their research and methodology.
PSL institutions’ researchers were awarded with 33 Nobel Prize and 10 Fields Medals.

 PSL offers its 19,000 students (among them 5,000 PhD candidates) the opportunity and resources necessary to realize their full potential and give full reign to their creativity. At PSL, academic training goes beyond the simple acquisition of knowledge and expertise; our programs are designed to help students develop critical thinking and agile curious minds giving them the intellectual tools they need for a lifetime of excellence.
PSL is committed to equal opportunity admissions and to accompanying all of our students on the road to excellence. PSL offers a complete range of academic programs from Bachelor’s through PhD and executive education, in all major disciplines opening up a wide array of career opportunities in both the private and public sectors.

 PSL is a multi-disciplinary nexus, the perfect place to explore new fields of knowledge, make scientific, technological and artistic advances. Our goal: innovate constantly, transform our discoveries disseminate and share our advances with the community of economic and social stakeholders.

Social responsibility
As an outward-looking responsible member of the academic and global community, PSL is committed to fostering a productive dialogue between the fundamental academic disciplines and the most burning contemporary issues. Drawing on our scientific and cultural heritage, our contemporary achievements and innovative academic and research initiatives, PSL sees itself as a source of inspiration for society as a whole.

Member Institutions