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Benjamin Hoffmann
Assistant Professor of Literature, Ohio State University
Benjamin Hoffmann is an Assistant Professor of Early Modern French Studies at The Ohio State University. A graduate from University of Bordeaux III (Licence de Lettres Modernes and Licence de philosophie), Sorbonne (Maîtrise de Littérature française), and École Normale Supérieure (double major in literature and philosophy), he holds a Ph.D. in French Literature from Yale University.
Benjamin Hoffmann is the author of four novels and one critical edition, published by Éditions Gallimard and Pennsylvania State University Press. His next book, Posthumous America: Literary Reinventions of America at the End of the Eighteenth Century, is forthcoming in French and English translation from Éditions Classiques Garnier and Pennsylvania State University Press.
He has published numerous essays on authors and topics such as Vivant Denon, Casanova, Rousseau, Mallarmé, the Counter-Enlightenment, the Literature of Francophone Louisiana, and Digital Humanities. His articles have appeared in such journals as Loxias, The Southern Quarterly, Les Écrits, French Forum, French Studies, L’Atelier du roman, Dix-Huitième siècle, and La Règle du jeu.
At the crossroads of French studies and digital humanities, his new research project is a philosophical inquiry into the concept of posterity.

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