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Christophe Deshayes & Jean-Baptiste Stuchlik
Speaker & Consultant
Christophe Deshayes has been deciphering trends of the digital age for twenty years, and their impact on society, business and everyday life. As a professional speaker, he has been giving over 1500 talks for business, think tanks, symposiums and universities. Since 1996, he has led several research and technology watch companies. He has published in 2013 Petit Traité du Bonheur 2.0 (A Compact Treatise of Happiness 2.0) with Jean-Baptiste Stuchlik.
Jean-Baptiste Stuchlik has worked as a consultant at several international consulting firms, as Director of Health & Public Sector. As such he led many missions for international organizations, Work Councils and Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committees.He holds a PhD in Management Science from the Ecole Polytechnique, and a Master of Science in Psychology. He has been teaching at the Sorbonne University and many Engineering schools.

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