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Gao Feng
Executive director and member of the SODA organizing committee
Gao Feng, executive director and member of the SODA organizing committee. He is in charge of formulating SODA’s overall strategic and service plan, maintaining its partnerships and running the contests. He received a doctorate in computer science at the University of Southampton in 2015. His research focus is interdisciplinary studies between technology, design, behavior and strategies for social change. He has championed open data and is the U.K.-based Open Knowledge Foundation’s ambassador to China since 2012. He has co-founded Open Knowledge China and collaborated with international organizations like the World Bank, the Embassy of the United Kingdom in China and World Wide Web Foundation since 2014. Apart from open data advocacy and independent consulting, he is a special research fellow and teacher in the Digital and Mobile Governance Lab and Urban Perspective Data Hub of Fudan University.

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