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Jean-Marc Jancovici
President , The Shift Project & Co-founder, Carbone 4
Jean-Marc Jancovici is recognised for his expertise on climate and energy issues. He is the author and the main developer of the “Bilan Carbon” assessment tool for the ADME and the French Inter-ministerial Greenhouse Gas Mission. In 2007 he created and developed the Carbone 4 consultancy firm with Alain Grandjean.
He is a professor at Mines ParisTech, co-founder of “Entretiens de Combloux”(Winter media campus on energy and climate), member of the SOeS Scientific Committee (MEEDDEM observation and statistics department), Member of the “Fondation Nicolas Hulot” Strategic Committee and co-author of the ”Pacte Ecologique”.
Jean-Marc Jancovici is the author of a popularisation website - www.manicore.com (French and English) on energy and climate change with more than 4000 visitors daily. He has also given more than 500 lectures and training sessions on these subjects, as well as having written dozens of articles or columns in general public reviews or newspapers.
He is the author or co-author of seven publications:
• "Dormez tranquilles jusqu'en 2100, et autres malentendus sur le climat et l'énergie" (Odile Jacob, 2015)
• "Transition énergétique pour tous" (2011, Odile Jacob)
• ”C’est maintenant !” (Janvier 2009, Le Seuil),
• ”Le changement climatique expliqué à ma fille” (Janvier 2009, Le Seuil),
• ”Le Plein s’il vous plaît” (Le Seuil, Février 2006),
• ”L'effet de serre, allons-nous changer le climat ?” (Flammarion, 2004),
• ”L'avenir climatique, quel temps ferons-nous ?” (Le Seuil, 2002)

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