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Photo of Dan Abelow
Dan Abelow
Inventor, technology consultant and author
Photo of David Allard
David Allard
Head of Open Innovation and Advanced Research Manager, PSA Peugeot Citroën – Asia Business Unit
Photo of Cédric Denis-Rémis & Armand Hatchuel
Cédric Denis-Rémis & Armand Hatchuel
Deputy Director & Professor at Mines Paristech, Chair of Design Theory and Methodes for Innovation Mines ParisTech (PSL Université Paris)
Photo of Jacques Aschenbroich
Jacques Aschenbroich
Chairman and CEO, Valeo


Photo of Jean-Christophe Baillie
Jean-Christophe Baillie
founder & president, Novaquark
Photo of Eric Ballot
Eric Ballot
Professor of Industrial Management Mines ParisTech, PSL Research University
Photo of Robert Bell
Robert Bell
Robert Bell Professor of Management and former Chairman of the Economics Department at Brooklyn College
Photo of Jérôme Béranger
Jérôme Béranger
Senior Consultant, Keosys Associate Researcher, Espace Ethique Méditerranéen
Photo of Isabelle Blanc
Isabelle Blanc
Senior Researcher, Mines ParisTech
Photo of Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
President of the European Research Council
Photo of Gerald Bronner
Gerald Bronner
Professor of Sociology, Université Paris-Diderot
Photo of Alan Bryden
Alan Bryden
General Mining Engineer, former Secretary General of ISO, the International Organization for Standardization (2003-2009)


Photo of Willy C. Shih
Willy C. Shih
Professor, Harvard Business School
Photo of Alexandre Cadain
Alexandre Cadain
Codounder of Anima, ambassador for XPRIZE Foundation codirector of the Postdigital seminar, ENS – PSL
Photo of Dr. Ed Catmull
Dr. Ed Catmull
co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.
Photo of Gilbert Cette
Gilbert Cette
Deputy Director General, Economics and International, Banque de France / Associate Professor, University of Aix- Marseille
Photo of Philippe Chain
Philippe Chain
Former Vice President Quality, Tesla Motors
Photo of Vincent Champain
Vincent Champain
COO France, General Electric, Co-chairman, Observatoire du long terme
Photo of Giles. W Chance
Giles. W Chance
Expert on Chinese economy and business, Visiting Professor of Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Guanghua School of Management at Peking University
Photo of Eric Chaney
Eric Chaney
Chief Economist AXA Group & Head of Research AXA IM
Photo of Paris Chrysos
Paris Chrysos
Professor of Innovation Management ISC Paris
Photo of Yann Coatanlem
Yann Coatanlem
Managing Director, Citigroup, Head of Multi-Asset Quantitative Analysis, and President, Club Praxis
Photo of Elliot Cohen
Elliot Cohen
Founder and CEO, Citymaps
Photo of Michel Cruciani
Michel Cruciani
Program Manager, Centre of Geopolitics of Energy and Raw Materials (CGEMP, University Paris-Dauphine)


Photo of Monique Dagnaud
Monique Dagnaud
Research Director, French National Center for Scientific Research
Photo of Nicolas Danet
Nicolas Danet
Lead Client Manager, Change.org
Photo of Alexandre David
Alexandre David
Consultant, Eureka
Photo of Benjamin Israel & David Layzell
Benjamin Israel & David Layzell
Research Coordinator, ISEEE, University of Calgary & Professor and director, CESAR
Photo of Arnaud De La Fortelle
Arnaud De La Fortelle
Professor and Director of the Center for Robotics, Mines ParisTech PSL Research University
Photo of Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye
Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye
Lecturer at Data Science Institute, Imperial College London
Michèle Debonneuil
Senior Economist, Caisse des dépôts et consignations
Valérie Masson- Delmotte
Senior scientist CEA & LSCE Climate dynamics and archives group
Photo of Barbara Demeneix
Barbara Demeneix
Professor and Head of Department, Natural History Museum, Paris
Photo of Christophe Deshayes
Christophe Deshayes
Speaker & Consultant
Photo of Pierre Dubuc
Pierre Dubuc
Cofounder, OpenClassrooms
Photo of Natacha Duviquet-Seignolles
Natacha Duviquet-Seignolles
Founder Decalab


Photo of Martina F. Ferracane
Martina F. Ferracane
Policy Analyst, European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE)
Photo of Michel Ferrary
Michel Ferrary
Professor of Management, University of Geneva, Graduate School of Economics and Management, Affiliate Scholar at Skema Business School
Photo of Philippe Fuchs
Philippe Fuchs
Professor, chair Robotics and VR, PSA Peugeot-Citroën / Mines ParisTech – PSL Expert in virtual reality, full professor at Mines ParisTech – PSL.


Photo of Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
Professor at Pierre et Marie Curie University, Researcher in AI Chairman of the Ethics Committee
Photo of Feng Gao(高丰)
Feng Gao(高丰)
Executive director and member of the SODA organizing committee
Photo of Fatima Ghilassene
Fatima Ghilassene
Research Officer, Intellectual Property Observatory, INPI (National Institute for Industrial Property, France)
François Giger
Chairman, Club Mines Energie
Photo of Needamangalam Gopalaswami
Needamangalam Gopalaswami
President, Vivekananda Educational Society
Photo of Alain Grandjean
Alain Grandjean
Partner, Carbone 4
Photo of Marion Guillou
Marion Guillou
President, Agreenium


Michaël Haddad
Technical advisor of President of Aquitaine Regional Council
Photo of Mats Harborn
Mats Harborn
Executive Director, Scania China Strategic Office & Chairman, Automotive Working Group, EUCCC
Photo of Serge Haroche
Serge Haroche
Professor at Collège de France, Nobel Prize Laureate of Physics
Photo of Franck Silvent & Helena Charrier
Franck Silvent & Helena Charrier
Director of Finance, Strategy and Holdings, Caisse des Dépôts Group Responsible Investment Project Director, Caisse des Dépôts Group
Photo of Nicolas Colin & Henri Verdier
Nicolas Colin & Henri Verdier
Co-founder & Partner ,TheFamily & Director, Etalab
Photo of Jean- Paul Herteman
Jean- Paul Herteman
Chairman and Chief executive officer, Safran
Photo of Benjamin Hoffmann
Benjamin Hoffmann
Assistant Professor of Literature, Ohio State University
Photo of Zhen Huang
Zhen Huang
Vice-President of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chinese Dean of ParisTech SJTU Elite Institute of Technology
Photo of Gwenaëlle Huet
Gwenaëlle Huet
CEO, France Renewables BU, Engie


Photo of Henri Isaac
Henri Isaac
Associate Professor at Paris-Dauphine University / PSL Research University


Photo of Jean Marc Jancovici
Jean Marc Jancovici
President , The Shift Project & Co-founder, Carbone 4
Karel Janeček
Mathematician, entrepreneur, and anti-corruption campaigner
Photo of Mari-Noëlle Jego-Laveissière
Mari-Noëlle Jego-Laveissière
Senior Executive Vice-President, Innovation, Marketing and Technologies, Orange
Photo of Kai Jia
Kai Jia
PhD graduate at School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University, Fullbright scholar, visiting scholar at the University of California at Davis
Photo of Dominique Jolly
Dominique Jolly
Professor at SKEMA Business School (Sophia-Antipolis, France), Visiting Professor at CEIBS (Shanghai, China)
Photo of Pascal Junghans
Pascal Junghans
Head of Prospective, Entreprise & Personnel, Associate Professor Paris-Dauphine University – PSL


Photo of Nicole El Karoui
Nicole El Karoui
Professor of Applied Mathematics, Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris VI), Research Director, Center for Applied Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique
Photo of Akin Kazakci(埃金·卡扎其)
Akin Kazakci(埃金·卡扎其)
Associate Professor, Center for Management Science, Mines ParisTech – PSL
Photo of Romain Keppenne
Romain Keppenne
Business Analyst, LeBonBail
Photo of Milena Klasing Chen
Milena Klasing Chen
Innovation Project Manager, SNCF
Photo of Amiel Kornel
Amiel Kornel
Venture-Capital Affiliate, Strategos
Photo of Savio Kwan
Savio Kwan
Non Executive Director in Alibaba HK Entrepreneurs Fund Board, Partner and CEO of A & K Consulting


Photo of Jean-Paul Larçon
Jean-Paul Larçon
Emeritus Professor of Strategy HEC Paris
Photo of Franck Latxague
Franck Latxague
Engineer, cofounder and editor-in-chief of Humanoides.fr
Bernard Barraqué & Laure Isnard
Research Director, CNRS & Research Engineer
Photo of François Chaubet & Laurent Martin
François Chaubet & Laurent Martin
Professors of Contemporary History, University Paris 10 Nanterre & University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3
Photo of Jean-Christophe Boulanger & Laurent Mauriac
Jean-Christophe Boulanger & Laurent Mauriac
Mauriac Cofounders, Brief.me
Photo of Pascal Le Masson
Pascal Le Masson
Professor at Mines ParisTech PSL Research University, Deputy Director of the Centre for Management Science
Photo of Yves Legrain
Yves Legrain
Researcher, former member of France’s Economical, Social and Environmental Council
Photo of Julien Legrand
Julien Legrand
Yenching Scholar & Mines ParisTech Engineer
Photo of Adeline Lescanne-Gautier
Adeline Lescanne-Gautier
Managing Director, Nutriset
Photo of David Li
David Li
Founder Xinchejian
Photo of Jianguang Li
Jianguang Li
Deputy Manager, Beijing Design Carbon Co. Ltd.
Photo of Liyan Li
Liyan Li
Researcher, Bureau of Climate Change Response, National Development and Reform Commission
Photo of Bo Liu
Bo Liu
Opinion editor, FTChinese


Photo of Hervé Machenaud
Hervé Machenaud
Vice President Asia-Pacific, Electricité de France (EDF), Former Group Senior Executive Vice President of Generation, EDF
Photo of Dominique Maillard
Dominique Maillard
CEO RTE (France’s national electricity network)
Rémi Maniak
Associate Professor Telecom ParisTech (ENST)
Photo of Alexandra Rehbinder & Matthieu Masselin
Alexandra Rehbinder & Matthieu Masselin
Deputy manager & Business developer,Wandercraft
Photo of Jaquie McNish
Jaquie McNish
Senior Writer, The Globe and Mail, Adjunct Professor, Osgoode Hall
Photo of Francis Mer
Francis Mer
Former Minister of Economy, France
Photo of François Meunier
François Meunier
President, Alsis Conseil, Associate Professor of Finance, ENSAE ParisTech
Photo of François Michel
François Michel
Chairman, Ecophon (Saint-Gobain Group)
Photo of Thomas Morisset
Thomas Morisset
CEO of madeforgoods


Photo of Huan Ni
Huan Ni
Senior Adviser of the World Wide Fund for Nature, Master of Development Studies at the University of Cambridge, Full Chevening Scholarship receiver
Photo of Jingang Ni
Jingang Ni
Chairman of Sino-Engine Technologies (SET)


Photo of Matthieu Perrier
Matthieu Perrier
Innovation manager, ITW
Photo of Olivier Peyrat
Olivier Peyrat
Director general, AFNOR (French Agency of Standardization)
Photo of Tobias Pfuetze
Tobias Pfuetze
FinTech entrepreneur, Senior business consultant at Mediaman


Photo of Su Qi
Su Qi
Photo of Zengchang Qin
Zengchang Qin
Associate Professor at the School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering of Beihang University and Vice Director of Beihang Education and Training Centre at Beihang University.


Photo of Bernard Ramanantsoa
Bernard Ramanantsoa
Dean HEC Paris
Photo of ParisTech Review
ParisTech Review
Photo of Adrien Reymond
Adrien Reymond
Managing director for France PETNET Solutions
Photo of Philippe Richard
Philippe Richard
Strategy Consultant
Photo of Philippe Rodriguez
Philippe Rodriguez
Managing partner of Avolta Partners, president of the Bitcoin France association
Photo of Fang Ru
Fang Ru
Executive Editor of Modern Weekly (Business Section)


Photo of Guillaume Sarlat
Guillaume Sarlat
Founder and CEO, Sarlat Advisory
Photo of John Sculley
John Sculley
Entrepreneur and Investor
Photo of Franck Silvent
Franck Silvent
Director of Finance, Strategy and Holdings, Caisse des Dépôts Group
Photo of Virginie Simon
Virginie Simon
Co-founder and president, MyScienceWork
Photo of Gopi Kallayil & Suzie Reider
Gopi Kallayil & Suzie Reider
Chief Evangelist for Brand Marketing & Managing Director of Brand Solutions, Google


Photo of Bruno Teboul
Bruno Teboul
Senior Vice President Keyrus GroupScience and Innovation
Photo of Jia Kai & Tong Tao
Jia Kai & Tong Tao
PhD graduate at School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University Ph.D in engineering sciences from Harvard University
Photo of Etienne Tricaud
Etienne Tricaud
Chairman of the Management Board AREP
Photo of Fred Turner
Fred Turner
Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication, Stanford University


Photo of Corinne Vadcar
Corinne Vadcar
Senior Trade Analyst, InstitutFriedland
Photo of Sandy Verma
Sandy Verma
Senior Director of Internet of Things solutions, AT&T Asia Pacific
Photo of Benedetto Vigna
Benedetto Vigna
Executive Vice President, General Manager STMicroelectronicsAnalog, MEMS & Sensors Group
Cédric Villani
Mathematician, Professor of Université de Lyon, Director of Institut Henri Poincaré
Photo of Arnaud Vincent
Arnaud Vincent
PhD and startuper
Photo of Vincent Champain & Vincent Schächter
Vincent Champain & Vincent Schächter
COO France, General Electric Vice-President R&D, Total New Energies


Photo of Wayne Wang
Wayne Wang
Founder, Chairman & CEO, CDP Group
Photo of knowledge@ wharton
knowledge@ wharton
a free online resource
Photo of Guillaume Wilemme
Guillaume Wilemme
Economist, University of Aix-Marseille


Photo of Yan Xing
Yan Xing
VP of Gizwits


Photo of Andrew Chi-Chih Yao
Andrew Chi-Chih Yao
Computer scientist and theorist, professor and director of the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS), Tsinghua University


Photo of Jingang Ni & Zhiqiang Wang
Jingang Ni & Zhiqiang Wang
President of Sino-engine Technologies General Manager of Sino-engine Technologies
Photo of Peng Zhongren
Peng Zhongren
Professor, Center for ITS and UAV application research, School of Naval, Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University